Sunday, May 19, 2013

What if everything that surrounds us is not even real? What if we're only linked to each other randomly but we're to experience things on our own or not experience them at all until we meet someone we're going to travel with.

It is scary to think that things are set up for us, I don't think they are because then I would choose to do nothing at all and, yet, if our lives were set up that would probably be what was set for me, not doing anything at all, whatever the repercusion because the path is set for me to walk on it, I can't be arsed with that kind of thoughts because it's creepy.

However, I do think that unless I saw it myself it pretty much didn't happen, I'm not supposed to experience it or I don't want to experience it because I don't need or want that knowledge. I cannot tell you what's going on at my neighbours place, I cannot tell you what's going on in a different city, I cannot not even tell you what's going on in the next room, it could be anything. I can't be sure of anything unless I saw it and that's the same things when it comes to knowledge, to writing, to anything, I know that I don't know most of the things I think I know, at least not the ones I didn't learn through experience.

I haven't seen the world, I know I've been to other countries because I took a plane to get there but I saw nothing after the take off and saw nothing on the way until I landed, other that clouds. I don't know if the earth is a big sphere floating in space or if things appear once I start moving around. I know from other people, other beings, that something happened elsewhere, but I can't know for sure, I can see photos but I still can't be sure about things, I don't know what all these words are for, I don't know who I'm telling this to, maybe I'm just talking to myself to be able to digest these thoughts I have.

It is unsettling. I've started to think that what we call technology, phones, computers, internet, other countries, other cities, other worlds don't really exist for me or for you. You can't be in two places at the same time. What if traveling to a different time, to a different world was already going on. Time is not really there, we can't touch it or see it, we just know it is because we need to measure it for our own peace of mind or to distract us from the fact that we're not going to go to space and fly through it to see other worlds but rather we're already doing it without noticing  because it doesn't look like in all those paintings and movies we've seen, all those books we've read. What if the future was already here?

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